Passive Income Ideas

We all want to make money, even with jobs and other sources of money we still want more money to pay off loans, pay bills, pay fees, take vacations, build a house, buy that dream car or simply spoil ourselves. The list of what we can do with money is endless and we will always want more money. Tell anyone they can make money passively and you will see their eyes widen up as they seek to hear more of the good news. Passive income can not only help you to earn money, but if well managed it can help you create wealth.


It is true, you can actually make money passively, however contrary to what many people believe to make passive income you do not need to invest, the truth is that for you to set up any means of making money passively, you will require to invest your money, other resources and your time, a lot of time in fact.

To set up a passive income business actually requires you to invest capital and other required resources as well as your time so as to nurture the business or activity to the point where it starts to make money passively without requiring you to attend to it every day.

If executed well, a great idea can lead to passive income and you will have your money work for you as opposed to having to invest your time every single day so as to make money. There are numerous ways to make money passively and we shall look as some passive income ideas.


Real Estate

This is one of my all-time favorite methods of earning passive income. Although real estate requires much during the initial investment, it has the potential to earn you quite a great deal of money and for a very long time. Real estate is something you can invest in and even your grandchildren and great grandchildren will earn passively from it.


To set up real estate would require resources in terms of land, labor, finances, time and other logistics. Apart from building you can opt to buy real estate property that has already been developed and save on the time it would take you to build your own. Real estate will require maintenance, but you can easily outsource this to property managers.

With real estate, you stand to earn money every month as rental income. Rent can come from residential tenants or commercial tenants. It all depends on what your property accommodates and to earn more you can have both residential and commercial units in your real estate property. The money you make can be used as capital to put up more real estate and help you earn more.


Investing in Stocks

To invest in stock you will not only need the money, but you will also need to do your research so as to know as much as possible about where you want to invest. It is not about simply finding a company that has made some profit, you need to know and be sure about the management of the company and the prospects of the future so as to be sure that not only will your money be safe, but you will also be able to make money over a relatively long period of time.


This is because the stock market requires patience and with companies paying dividends either monthly or annually, you will need to be patient. With stocks, you will earn through dividends and the good thing about it is that you can buy into more than one company as you find pleasing.

This works to not only diversify your investments and spread the risk factor but to also increase the amount of money that you earn. You can get professionals to manage your stock investments for you and advise you to make the whole process easier.


Lending Money

If you have some money you are not using, instead of banking it, you can lend it out and make money off the interest you charge. You can engage in peer-to-peer lending, which practically means lending money to your peers. You may have colleagues at work or friends or neighbours within your locality who need some extra cash, lend money to them and agree on a certain amount of money that you will collect being your principal amount as well as any interest charged.

Apart from this, you can loan out money through social lending networks such as Lending Club where you invest your money and you can get an annual return, which ranges according to the grade of loans that your money was lent according to.

Lending money has a great level of risk involved since some will default in payment, however with measures such as requiring securities before loans are given out, will ensure that you have a way of getting back your money in case someone defaults payment.



Interest on savings

To earn passive income, you do not need to necessarily invest your money, you can save it instead. Banks offer interest for money that you save in the account you have with them. A savings account will earn you interest and this will vary from bank to bank and based on how much you are saving as well as for how long.

Find a bank that has good terms in a way that you can earn good interest without having to commit your money in the bank for too long. Earning interest from saving is one of the simplest and safest ways of earning passively, however you do not earn a lot from this due to the normally low interest rates offered by banks. This though is a sure way of earning passive income.


Online searches

If you do most of your work online, then probably a great deal of it involves conducting searches. Conducting online searches via instead of other search engines will earn you points and once you have accumulated points, you can redeem them for various prizes such as gift cards on sites like PayPal, Amazon and many more. You can use the gift cards to make purchases.

This is passive income since either way you would be obliged to do online searches only that with you get to earn while at it.



If photography is one of your passions and you take photographs everywhere, capturing amazing moments with any chance you get, then you can make money passively. Since you take photographs either way, why not make money while at it.

There are numerous websites where you can post your photos and they will be bought to be used as stock photos for articles, websites, blogs amongst others and you will earn once they are sold. You are not doing any extra work apart from uploading the photos on sites such as Alamy, Shuttersock and many more.


Web advertising

For those with websites and blogs which are updated regularly, a great idea of how to make passive income is to have advertisers place advertisements on your website or blog. There is always some free space on a web page and you can sell that space to advertisers. You simply ought to get an advertiser and place their advertisements on your website, after that, each time a user clicks on the advert; you will get paid for it. There is nothing you have to do to lead users to the advert. Just keep doing what you normally

With this kind of passive income, you will earn either per click, earning you a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on the link or you can earn according to a certain threshold such as a certain amount of money per every 100 clicks. You can also earn based on the amount of time you would have the advertisement on your website such as monthly or weekly. The first step is to find an advertiser who is willing to use your website or blog as a platform.


Affiliate marketing

If you have a website or a blog, you can earn money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is almost similar to web advertising, in that there will be links that you will add to your website or blog, however, for affiliate marketing you are not advertising the company but actually selling products and services.

When a user clicks on one of your links, he or she is taken to the buyout page where they can pay and buy the serve or product they so wish. Once a user buys a particular product, the parent company that owns the product pays you a certain amount of money as commission. You can earn a large sum of money annually through affiliate marketing and you do not have to do any production, you simply go about your normal activities and use your website or blog as normal.


Create an online course

If you have knowledge in a particular field, you can offer an online course using videos or text in the form of eBooks and make passive income. Create a website where you can upload tutorials, learning text and other materials that can help people to gain knowledge and charge them a fee for the lessons.

The challenging part would be to create the material required, but once that is done, then all you ought to do is upload it and wait to make money. Once uploaded, interested individuals will visit the site and will pay for the required material. You can have courses based on as many topics as possible and you can use a website to reach out to as many people as possible to increase your income. Use your knowledge in a particular subject matter so as to make money. You can also produce how-to videos and text if you have expertise in doing certain things that most people find challenging and sell them.


There are numerous ideas on how to make passive income and all you should do is to adopt the one that works for you. If you find more than one that work for you then why not engage in them and make the extra income you always desired, albeit in a passive manner. Start today! Start making passive income!


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