Make Money from Home

Do you ever get home and find yourself with some extra time on your hands, or you are a stay at home parent or you are an employee on leak, a student on break or during the holidays and you find yourself at home with a lot of time at your disposal? Well thanks to some great and easy to execute ideas you can actually make money from home.

Yes! There are numerous ideas you can choose from and get to earn money while at the comfort of your home. Making money from home has evolved from something you can do to make some cash on the side, and it has developed into something you can do full time and earn lots of money. Just like other money making activities you will have to choose what works for you then pump in the required amount of resources and effort.




One of the best ways of earning money from home is by offering services to various clients as a freelancer. Thanks to the internet and globalization, individuals and organizations are able to outsource various aspects of their daily activities as well as business and organizational needs. There are numerous online platforms available through which you can join and source for freelancing jobs.

Websites such as Truelancer, Upwork, Freelancer and Guru amongst others offer a platform on which those who are seeking services and those seeking jobs can interact and get jobs and payments done. Simply visit the sites and register and start. As a freelancer, there are so countless services that you can offer.




Writing is one of the most popular types of freelancing that people engage in. As a writer, you can engage in writing simple content such as article writing and copywriting to more technical and complex forms of writing such as academic writing, research writing, business plans and thesis writing. With the various forms of writing available, choose one that is most suitable for you and specialize, or to increase your chances of landing jobs, take up as many types of writing as possible. The amount of money that you earn will vary per client, based on the difficulty of the task, the amount of writing required and the turn-around time for you to hand in your work. Payments will be done online which you can then transfer to your bank account.



If you have a keen ear and great typing speed coupled with the ability to multitask, then you can easily earn money from home while doing transcription work. Transcription involves listening to audio files or watching video files and converting them into written text. You will need to have a keen ear as well as the ability to clearly comprehend a variety of accents so as to be able to produce accurate transcripts. Payment for transcription work can be based on the length of the file, earning you a certain amount of money for each minute you have to transcribe, or it can be fixed whereby you and a client simply agree on a certain amount of money for the job. There is software available that can help to make the whole transcription faster, although you will still have to do the transcription yourself.




People come across various documents, audio files and video files that are in languages that they do not understand, or they may have something in a language they know, but they want it translated to another language creating the need to have a translator. If you are conversant in several languages, you can work as a translator, getting files from different clients and translating them. You can comfortably do this at home, connecting with clients over the internet. Payment can be per complete file or you can agree with your client on how much they are to pay you depending on the length of the file you have to translate, or the amount of time it takes for you to translate, being an hourly rate.


Data entry

You get clients who have data that they need to be entered into various tables, data sheets or other forms required. They send you the raw data which may be machine prepared or it may be handwritten, and your job is simply to enter the data as required. The important aspect of this type of work is that you have to be certainly accurate since clients will want the data to be exactly how it is required. If you are fast, you can actually do several jobs in one day and earn more.



Software development

For those who have coding and programming skills, then software development can definitely earn you money from home. You can develop software ranging from websites to computer software and applications to mobile applications. As a freelancer, you can do this for clients or do this out of your own drive and create software which you can sell. Doing this for clients can earn you a great deal of money, especially if you are really good at it and you deliver quality work. You can have your own websites so as to market yourself and have potential clients visit them so as to show how good you are at your work. This would save you lots of time having to convince clients that you are capable of handling their requests.


Testing websites

This is a simple task, all that is required of you is that you visit websites and provide feedback on your user experience. As people develop websites, they prefer to have them tested before they go live. This helps to ensure that everything on the website is working well and that any improvements to be done are done early before the website is made accessible to the entire public. Website testing is relatively easy and you can test more than one website in a day depending on your speed.



Virtual assistant

Thanks to the internet, companies and organizations are able to outsource some of their functions to people who are not even within their countries of operation. As a virtual assistant you can handle tasks such as taking phone calls, responding to queries and mail, planning the diaries of your clients as well as any other administrative duties assigned. The good thing about being a virtual assistant is if you do a good job you will probably end up working for your clients for a long time, hence you can actually turn this into a full time money making activity which you can do comfortably at home.

Apart from such freelancing activities, there are other activities that you can engage in and earn money from home:


Taking surveys

As companies come up with new services and products, or as they seek ways on how to improve the quality of their services and products, they need to acquire feedback from the public so as to be able to know which direction to take to ensure improvement. There are numerous sites on which you can take surveys. Your opinion matters and you will get paid for it. The good news is the legitimate sites are free to join and you can take as many surveys as available to increase and make more money. Some of the sites you can visit include,, InboxDollars and amongst others.




If you are good in a particular subject or field of study, you can offer tutoring services right from the comfort of your home. You can do this on two levels; one being at your house tutoring children or learners from your neighborhood and the second option is you can offer lessons online. You might as well do both to increase your income levels.

To tutor online, you can have a website put up and upload your tutoring classes where learners can access and pay a fee or you can offer live tutoring through web chatting. The amount you charge will depend on the complexity of what you are tutoring, the learner’s level and the package you offer. The more you offer, the more you can charge.



You may have great writing skills but you do not want to write for others, however if you can come up with interesting reads regularly, you can create a blogging site and post your articles there as a blog. Blogging can earn you money in various ways. The more traffic you attract to your site, the more it becomes popular and you can offer advertising space to companies that need to advertise or to advertising agents.

You can earn a certain amount per click, each time a user clicks on the advert or you can earn a specific amount depending on the period of time the advert will be on your blog site, regardless of how many people click on it.


You can also earn through affiliate marketing. Links on your blogging site will lead users directly to the page where they can buy certain products and when something is purchased you earn a certain amount of money as commission. Blogging can earn you money both actively and passively. If you have written books, you can use your blog to drive traffic to sites where your book is as a way of publicizing it and driving up sales. All these you can do comfortably at home.


Customer service

Numerous companies now outsource the customer service aspects of the business to other third party companies so as to avoid having to hire customer care representatives themselves. The customer care companies on the other hand will hire customer care representatives who work from home. As a customer service representative, you will be taking calls from customers concerning queries and any orders that they need to place and assist in handling issues. You will be paid by the hour and you can turn this to your day time job which you can do comfortable at home. Companies that you can work for include, Alpine Access and amongst others.

There are various ways to earn money from home, and you can take up as many as you can, turning them into your day job. As long as you have the required resources and time, why not start making money at the comfort of your home today!




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