How to Stop Being Lazy

We all have days or moments that we do not feel like doing anything when we just want to sit around or sleep and do nothing. Moments when any activity that you are to engage in, feels more of like a punishment even if it is something that you previously enjoyed doing. However, there are people who are constantly like this, people who instead of having a moment of laziness, tend to have a habit of laziness.


Laziness can be a major problem if you stay away from doing key activities because you do not feel like doing anything. We all need to get things done and be productive; otherwise, we will be stuck in life. If you have a problem of laziness, there are various habits that you can gradually adopt to help you change your ways and become active. These are principles and behaviors that if you inculcate into your everyday life, you will find yourself not only doing what you are supposed to do but also being motivated to do more and get things done. We all want to be successful; however, no one becomes successful by being lazy.

While at times individuals do not want to engage in activities because of various issues that cause them to be withdrawn, there are moments when one is just plain lazy and this article will give you tips on how to make yourself more productive and get rid of laziness.



Get to know why

The number one step to take so as to stop being lazy, is to find the main reason why you are lazy. Is it that there is a certain activity that pushes you to the limit and drains all your energy leaving you unable to do anything else or maybe you just lack the motivation to do anything? Maybe the reason you are lazy is because you are afraid of failure so you generally avoid doing things as a defense mechanism, or you are depressed or stressed, therefore, it drains out all your energy leaving you feeling like you cannot do anything.

The best way to address an issue once and for all is to find out the causal factor. Therefore, if you can get to know exactly why you are lazy, then you are better placed to getting rid of laziness on the long term.


Find ways of doing things efficiently

To get things done faster, it would be prudent to find the easiest and most efficient ways of doing things. Simplicity is genius therefore, the simpler things are the more you can get accomplished. It might be the procedure involved or maybe you can get a machine or a gadget that can help you out to make work easier. Go for the easiest ways and you will not end up frustrated and tired but rather you will get more done. At times it is more important to work smart as opposed to working hard.



Take breaks while doing tasking jobs

Sometimes when you engage in strenuous and physically demanding or mentally draining activities, you end up burning all your energy and have very little left to do anything else thus, leading to laziness. Always schedule regular breaks in between so as to take a breather and regain some of your lost energy. Regular breaks will keep you from burning out and therefore you will have some energy left to do other activities.

Regular breaks will also help to keep you motivated and focused on your work once you resume working after the breaks. It is further advised to schedule the breaks so that you can get work done and avoid taking random breaks which will just lead to laziness. Set the time you will take each break and how long the breaks will be.


Push yourself into doing things

Sometimes we just want to sit and laze around while at the same time there are so many things which need to be done. It is always tempting to lazy around but we just have to push ourselves. To get things done, always push yourself into doing it. The hardest part is usually getting started, however, once you are started, you will end up getting it all done. Do not just feel like lazing around and then relax, force yourself into starting what you need to get done.



Ask for help

You might be lazy because what you are supposed to do is actually tasking and you are therefore avoiding it so as to avoid getting exhausted or overwhelmed. There is no harm in acknowledging that you need help and then actually asking for it. Always seek help when you feel like the task at hand is too much for you to handle or even if you can probably do it alone but you feel lazy. Getting someone else to help you will ensure you get things done.


Get rid of distractions

When you are doing something serious but you are surrounded with distractions, you will keep on pausing and before you know it, you have stopped working altogether and the distractions take all your attention. To avoid spiraling into laziness, always get rid of distractions in your working environment so that you can fully concentrate on what you are doing. Sometimes the source of the distraction may be the people you work with and it can be impossible to get rid of them, hence the best thing would be to get everyone to be objective and concentrate on the work at hand.



Be easy on yourself

You should understand that it is normal to have lazy moments once in awhile, moments when you really do not feel like doing anything even when you know you have important things to do. If you find yourself having a lazy moment, do not be so hard on yourself but rather forgive yourself and muster up the energy to get moving. Sometimes, we are so hard on ourselves that we drain out the little energy within us. Even when you know you are behind schedule; do not let the disappointment make you get stuck but instead motivate yourself to get started and do the much you can to catch up with your schedule in the least time possible.


Set Flexible schedules

When planning and coming up with schedules for your activities, always make them in a way that there is some allowance for flexibility. A rigid schedule will place so much pressure on you hence if you find yourself behind time, you may be demoralized and this can lead you to laziness. When scheduling activities, give time allowance for unprecedented events including moments when you may need to take random breaks.



Be accountable to someone

At times we are simply lazy because we are not accountable to anyone hence, there is no one to push us into productivity and caution us when we are not making progress. Have a friend or family member or a colleague who you will be accountable to. Such a person will always check on your progress and help you ensure that you are sticking to your plans and their respective timeframes. Such a person should be able to tell you when you are taking a deserved rest or whether you are just being plain lazy and you should get moving.


Turn it into a culture and habit

You may realize that there is something that gets you energized and ready to get busy; maybe it’s a cup of coffee, or you are more energetic after a nice workout. Whatever it is, turn it into a culture so as to help you be energetic every day. As long as it is something healthy and it will not harm anyone in any way, turn it into a habit, then a culture so as to keep you energized.


Start with the difficult tasks

When planning out your activities, start with what is most difficult. This is because you are most likely to get things done while you are full of energy but once you have engaged in some activities; the feeling of being tired will start creeping in. Use a strategy and prioritize your tasks. Start with what is most important and is most difficult such that by the time you feel like resting, at least you are done with the important tasks either completely or partially and these will reduce the pressure on you.



Focus on few things

If you try to do many things at once, you are most likely to get none of them done. The best way to get things done is to list down all you are supposed to do then prioritize. After this is done, focus on one thing at a time unless there are things that you can comfortably do concurrently without a negative impact in any of the outcomes. Focusing on just a few things increases our concentration and we are able to get things done not only better but faster. After you are done with one thing, you can move on to the next one.


Reward yourself

We all like rewards and they give us great motivation to complete a task. If you are feeling lazy, why not set a goal for yourself as well as a reward after you have achieved that particular goal. Always have a reward for yourself each time you complete a difficult task. You can reward yourself with a nice rest, lunch or dinner out or a movie; something that you would enjoy and it will help you feel like you achieved. This will keep on motivating you to accomplish your next goal.

There is not a single tip to get rid of laziness but rather you combine various tips, principles, and ways of doing things so as to end up being more pro-active and ready to work. Employ as many of these tips as possible and you will gradually increase your productivity and once it becomes a habit, it will be your new way of doing things, ensuring that you keep laziness at bay. However, never forget that you need adequate rest and that you can only be active if you have enough energy to engage in further activities.

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