How to Get Money

Nobody likes to be broke, but the truth is, unless you are super rich, then at times you may find yourself in need of money. The number one question we ask when we are broke or when we find ourselves in need of money is how we get money. Money is important because it brings about many possibilities. With money, you can pay bills, buy items, invest, spoil ourselves and take care of our families. So whether you are flat broke or you got some money, am sure you would not mind making some more money.


There are numerous ways to get money and all you have to do is adopt the one that works best for you. Look around you and whatever resources you have at your disposal, if you are innovative enough, I bet you can find a way to get money.


Get a job

One of the best ways of getting money is to get employed. Getting a job can be a rewarding and a constant source of money as long as you do what you are paid to do and you keep your job. Of course to get a job you have to search for one and the type of job you land will greatly depend on your qualifications. Your level of education and your level of skill training are important factors to consider when applying for jobs. Always go for jobs that are within your field of expertise so as to increase your chances of getting it.

However, there are jobs that do not require much skills or trainings; or rather they are jobs that you can become good at gradually as you continue to engage in them. You can further look for more than one job so as to make more income from multiple sources.



Sell some of your old stuff

To get money, you can sell some of your old things, items that you bought and you no longer use probably because you outgrew them, you no longer need them or you upgraded to better versions. When it comes to selling some of your belongings, the limit of how much you can sell is up to you. You can sell your clothes, old furniture, household items, electronics, and toys amongst others.

Selling your old items is not complicated, you can choose to have a garage sale or yard sale, you can sell directly to your friends or you can use online platforms such as eBay and Amazon to reach out to multiple potential buyers at once. To get started, simply sift through what you own and set aside what you no longer need and you wish to dispose of.



You may have a certain skill which you can employ so as to get money. Freelancing involves offering your skills to individuals or businesses that need the service and you get paid. You are not employed by anyone but rather you are self-employed, all the money you get is yours, save for taxes if you are required by law to pay.


Freelancing is a great way of making money and even if you have a job, you can freelance during your free time. Whether you are a plumber, a teacher, a lawyer or an accountant, most professions can have freelancing opportunities and the trick is to find people who are in need of your services. With the internet, you can further freelance your services online and make money. Services that you can freelance online include writing, customer service, graphic design, data entry, administrative services and many more. You join a platform such us Upwork, Truelancer and Guru amongst others, where you get to interact with users who need such services. Freelancing is a rewarding way of using your free time to make money.


Start a business

Rather than looking for a job, you can opt to become self-employed as your main job and start a business. A business prospers if it looks to serve a need in the society and therefore the best way of starting a business is to first identify a need in the society around you which you can then address and make money while at it.


Starting a business meeting may require you to spend some money so as to set up and get the necessary licenses required, however if you run the business well, you will make money in terms of profit which you can then pump back into the business to grow it. However, it takes time and perseverance for a business to break even and become profitable, therefore you will need to be both patient and determinedĀ  to make money through business.


Online surveys

One of the easiest ways to make money is to take part in online surveys that pay. There are numerous businesses and organizations that require information about what the market wants, or to get feedback about the services and products they offer and one of the best ways they use to get the information and feedback is by conducting surveys.

Such surveys are conducted online so as to reach out to as many people as possible. Filling in such surveys will take a few minutes of your time per survey, however you do get money for your time. Different companies will pay different amounts for their surveys, some paying from 50 cents all the way to $5 per survey and much more. Spend some time everyday looking for available surveys and make money easily.



Test new products

Apart from gathering information through surveys, companies will also give out free samples of their products, especially new products which they are planning to launch into the market. The purpose of doing so is to conduct a pilot study of the market and get to know how well the market will receive the product as well as get feedback about the product, whether it is serving its intended purpose and how the product can be achieved. You can make money by simply testing new products for companies and organizations and providing feedback about your user-experience.


Delivery services and running errands

As you go about your normal daily routine, you may have some free time and you can make money by offering delivery services. This may require you to have a bicycle, motorcycle or a car depending on the range of distance that you will reach with your services. To offer delivery services you can start with friends and people in your neighborhood as you gradually expand your area of coverage. You can deliver grocery, laundry, mail, newspapers, food and run errands such as paying bills, picking up and dropping children at school amongst others and make money.


The best way to start is to start with your family, friends and neighbors since they already know you and trust you and as you progress they can spread the word about the services you offer leading you to having more clients and make more money.


Review Apps and websites

Each and every day, developers are coming up with new applications and websites, however before such go live and become accessible to the general public, the apps and websites get reviewed so as to ensure that customer experience is up to the required standards and that the app or website is user friendly, being easy to use and relevant to the users.

You can get money easily by offering to review applications and websites for developers. You can even go further and test games for gaming companies. These tests ensure that everything is in order and if something needs to be fixed or improved then the developers get to know in advance and have the necessary changes effected before the public can be allowed access. This process ensures that the final product is as good and runs as efficiently as possible and that is why developers will offer payment to those who test their apps, websites and games for them. Visit websites such as and get started.




We all have a level of education and it is therefore possible to offer tutoring services to those who are at a lower level of education compared to yours. Offer tutoring services to children in your neighborhood as well as your peers who may require additional assistance with their course work. You can get quick money through tutoring if you charge per contact hour or if you choose to charge per session.

You can tutor on different subjects so as to get more money and you can also tutor more students, although the best way to start is to have a few students at first. The amount of money you get will vary depending on the complexity of the subject matter as well as the level of education for which you are offering tutoring services.


Rent out space

If you are looking to get money and you have some extra space in your house, then you can rent it out and make money. You may be having an extra room and you can rent this out either to someone who will stay for a long time or rent it out to travellers and you can easily do this using applications such as Airbnb which allows users to list or rent residential property.

If the extra room you have is your garage, you may as well convert it into a room or you can rent out the garage space to your neighbors who may be in need of extra parking space or you can even rent out your back yard to your neighbors for parties as well as social gatherings if you have a yard that is big enough to accommodate such events.


To get money, all you have to do is become creative and use the resources that you have available. As long as you are creative and innovative, you can always come up with new ways on how to get money apart from the different ways mentioned here. Think outside the proverbial box and come up with your own ways of getting money or you can simply choose among these, which you can implement and make money. You can get more money by engaging in more than one money making activity.


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