How much Money do Teachers Make?

Do you like to teach the little ones? But life is like that when you find something you love doing you should get paid in order to survive. Then you would also want to know How much Money do Teachers Make.

Are you one of those people who need to transmit your knowledge through the faculty? If being a teacher is your vocation, preparing students for exams and showing them the lessons of life is something that  interests you, you will be interested in knowing how much a teacher earns.

How much Money do Teachers Make – The Answer

Mathematics, chemistry, biology, physical education … Pre-school, primary or secondary school students – there are many branches of education. Obviously, you will only be interested in one. Here we show you the different salaries that you can aspire to as a teacher.

 How much Money do Teachers Make

It depends on various factors. It is not the same to be a nursery teacher than a high school teacher. The subject that you impart is more complex as the age of a student increases; therefore, the academic requirements will be more demanding.

If you want to be a teacher of children or primary school, what you need is to study the Degree of Teaching, which according to the Bologna plan, are 4 years and a Final Grade Work. You should practice with children. However, the level of this university career is very low as compared to others. You will learn the basics of general subjects like Mathematics, Language or History. Some universities give interesting subjects like Psychology whose purpose is to teach you how children’s minds work.

If your aspiration is to be a teacher or a high school teacher, teaching is not enough. You need a specific career such as Mathematics, Biology or Chemistry. Specializing is necessary to acquire fluency in teaching adolescent students. In addition, you will only teach one subject (and related).


If you want to work in public schools, you will have to approve oppositions and vice versa if you are going to access a private or renowned institute.


What is your work in teaching?

The teacher has the role of transmitting his theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. He has to teach to write, to read, to submerge and subtract … But not only that, the teacher also teaches to think. He/she should not indoctrinate the pupils. On the contrary, it is necessary to foment the critical and rational thought.

In addition, there are other types of teachers, for example, of martial arts, languages, for a pilot of aviation … also, of an economy, carpentry or gastronomy.

Let’s say that one of the final goals of a teacher is to exert a positive influence on some of their students to get them to grow personally and find his/her way.


How much money does a teacher charge?

Having seen all the details about what you need for this profession and the roles you play in students and society, let’s see how much a teacher earns.

In Spain, salaries are somewhat higher than the OECD average. In addition, teachers charge significantly more than other professions that need university degrees.

how much do teachers make

One thing to keep in mind is that it is not the same to be a primary school teacher and a secondary school teacher. Or the same to work in the public sector and in the private sector. For example, it was seen that a high school charges more than the primary school. They also receive a much higher salary (around 20-30%) for other high-skilled jobs.

How much do teachers make a year?

If we are on the average, a teacher charges from 20,000 Euros per year gross to 30,000 as years pass and they acquire experience.

Mexico City – The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) reported that at the end of 2014, 1, 599,727 people in teaching were reported in Mexico, which, on average, earn 70.4 pesos per hour worked and they work 30.6 hours a week.

Those employed in teaching have an average of 40 years and average schooling is 16 years, equivalent to having a bachelor’s degree, although those employed in higher education have a higher average grade (17.5 years).

Of the nearly 1.6 million people employed as teachers, 62% are women and 38% are men while by age, the average for men is 42.7 years and that for women are 38.7 years.


Women are the majority of teachers in basic education (68% to 32%); in the upper half the proportion is more balanced (48% to 52%) and in higher education, men outnumbered women (44% to 56%).

INEGI reports that 81.3% of the country’s teachers work in public institutions and 18.7% in private institutions; 7.1% spoke some indigenous language and 3.7% reported some disability.

Teachers earn on average 72.4 pesos per hour worked, with more income from university professors, who get 76.3 pesos.

The income is upwards according to the educational level in which they teach classes: 69.4 pesos in average per hour in basic education, 73.5 pesos in the upper half and 94.8 pesos in the upper.

The majority of teachers (45%) earn more than three and up to five minimum wages and a quarter of them (25.1%) earn more than five, although there is a decrease in those who obtain more than five minimum wages. 2000 represented 35.9 percent.


Of the total number of teachers, 88% have medical services and 12% do not, while for those who are paid subordinates, 95.2% have a written contract and 4.8% do not.

Of the teachers hired, 85 out of 100 have a base contract, indefinite time; while 15 have a temporary contract.

As in the previous items, teachers enjoy better-working conditions, since 88.1% have a basic contract and 11.9% are temporary, while for teachers, these are 83.8% and 16.2%, respectively.

According to INEGI, this demonstrates conditions of precarious work for part of these workers, especially in the case of teachers, which translate into a lack of social security and provision, wage differences, contracts per hour and / or per year.

It points out that in the last quarter of 2014, 43,917 underemployed teachers were identified, that is, 2.7% of the teachers employed characterized by the need to offer more work time than their current occupation.


What the teachers earn varies greatly depending on the specialization, the years of experience and the location of the school. Here you can get the basic information.

In the following pages you will find information on how much teachers earn:

Below and before you start with the data about income, you will see some basic information that you should take into account:

In the United States, there are three million teachers in grades K-12, that is, kindergarten through grade 12, which is the end of high school.

It is estimated that there will be a large recruitment of teachers until 2022 due to the increase in the student population and the retirement of one hundred thousand teachers. The most sought after will be Math and Science teachers to teach in rural areas or in conflicting urban schools.

Approximately one percent of teachers earn more than $ 125,000 a year.

Teachers work in public schools (the vast majority), private or charter schools. The latter are financed with public money but are managed privately.


As a general rule, it can be said that public school teachers earn more than private school teachers.

To work as a teacher, you must have at least studies comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree, that is to say, a university degree of four years.

In addition, you must obtain a certification of the state where you work. Each state has its own requirements including more than one way to obtain it. It usually consists of courses, exams, and practices. In many states, it is possible to work while all the steps towards certification are realized.

If you have studied abroad, it is compulsory to validate your educational credentials.

In addition, if you have studied at a university in a country whose main language is not English, you will need to test your knowledge of that language through a good TOEFL score.

It is no secret that the job of a teacher is considered very sacred, similar to that of a mother perhaps. Some people teach because they think that it is their vocation and their calling while others teach it because they simply like teaching and have a flair of imparting their knowledge to kids who don’t have it. Teachers earn differently depending on their level of education, personal experience, and their ability to impart their own knowledge to the kids. In the US, you are also needed to have a good TOEFL score if say, English is not your first language or you’ve been teaching elsewhere where the main medium for teaching was a foreign language.

It has been reported in many countries far and wide that teachers are some of the most underpaid individuals when we talk about professions. They are underpaid which is basically a form of undervaluing a person’s or an individual’s capabilities and skills. But there are teachers who are paid a hefty sum of money on a monthly basis who work in Universities and teach higher studies etc.

How much does a teacher make a year

According to OECD figures, a Chilean elementary school teacher earns, on average, US $ 17,385 ($ 9,741,858) a year. After 30 years you can earn US $ 31,201 ($ 17,483,792). This last figure is not even close to the initial salary received by teachers in most of the countries of the organization. The average remuneration of teachers in OECD countries is US $ 28,854 (16,168,627) at the beginning and US $ 45,602 ($ 25,553,536) at the end of primary education. Below is the list of countries where teachers have better salaries. The data were extracted from the report “Salaries of teachers”, which presents the basic and secondary education. Figures are represented in US dollars and were calculated using Purchasing Power Parity (PPA).

Hence, you can see the disparity clearly between the money earned by teachers and professors and people who are employed in other areas of professions. Nevertheless, it cannot be argued or disputed that teachers have one of the toughest jobs anywhere which are to shape young minds that determine what their future is going to be like. Also, the jobs of professors and teachers are to lead the children on the correct paths.

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