Hobbies that Make Money

We all have a hobby, something that we like to do during our free time that we enjoy, an activity that helps us to relax and release some of the pressures of life such as workplace pressure amongst others. You can actually make money off your hobby depending on which hobby it is.

A hobby is a great way of making money because you make money while doing something that you really enjoy, you would actually do it for free. Making extra money on the side while enjoying your hobby is a great way of having more money, which you can use to pay bills, pay debts or simply spoil yourself and your loved ones.


The amount of money that you can make using your hobby will depend on the kind of hobby activity that you engage in. Some hobbies will generally make more money as compared to others due to the fact that some will attract more people as compared to others.

There are several hobbies that can earn you money and these include:


If you have a passion for photography, and you love taking photos during your free time, then you can turn this into a money making venture. There are numerous people who have various events which they would love to have memories of. You can cover events as a private photographer, and you can earn a tidy sum while at it.

The amount that you earn with photography will depend with the kind of event that you cover. Corporate events and weddings will earn you more money compared to small birthday parties in your neighbourhood.

Apart from covering events, you can make money by selling photographs. You can take amazing photographs of beautiful scenery, which you can sell to various clients using various platforms such as websites which allow you to sell photographs. Websites such as Flickr and Shutterstock will give you a good platform to sell beautiful and amazing photographs that you have taken.


Fitness and exercise

Are you a fitness maniac and you do not mind doing a lot of exercise? Then you can actually make money out of it. If exercise is your hobby, then you can help those who find it to be a challenge and earn money.

Many people will go to the gym, but they would love to have a personal trainer to help them train in a more personalized way so as to enable them achieve specific results. As a personal trainer you can offer personalized services at your local gym helping people to train their fitness goals. As a personal trainer you can opt to charge per session or charge per whole training regimen after which you client will be done and have achieved their goal. This is because each client will have different goals and it may therefore be necessary to charge them different amounts. To start, you can visit your local gym and see if you can get clients from there as a start.

Graphic design

If you are really creative and you have an understanding of how websites work and how to make a great website, then you can do graphic design as a hobby, creating awesome logos and great website layouts.


It doesn’t have to be a hobby and stop at that. You can make money out of it by designing websites as well as great logos for businesses and individuals within your area. You can further expand your target market by going online and finding online platforms that have graphic design and logo making contests.

Make a great design and win the contest and the prize money. This is a great way of enjoying your hobby, warning money out of it and enhancing your skills while at it. The better you get at it the more money you can make while still getting to enjoy your hobby at the same time.

Social Media

If social media is your thing and you spend a lot of time on it, then you might as well make money out of it. With social media popularity, you can have a lot of followers, giving you the ability to reach a great number of people with just one post.

Due to this, you can post promotional items for various businesses or individuals thus helping them to spread the word about a product or service that they offer and in return, they will pay you for it. As you spend hours and hours online enjoying social media, why not make money while at it.


It is important, however, to ensure that you post messages from credible sources so as to ensure that you always relay the right message and you remain a source of reliable information. Being controversial might make people shy off from using you as a means to spread their message.


There are many types of writing depending on what you are writing about. However, if you are great at researching and putting things down in flowing words, and your hobby is writing, why not make money while writing for other people who would want to have various pieces writing but they do not have what it takes to write it themselves.

You can be hired to write articles, stories, content for websites as well as academic writing and project writing. The amount that you can earn with this will vary and some clients will want to pay according to the number of words written, others according to the number of pages while others will opt to pay for the whole job as a whole.

Your experience and how well you can write will also determine how much you earn but if you are really good, then you are better placed to negotiate for more pay. However, since writing is your hobby, you will probably enjoy writing despite the pay.

Coaching and refereeing

For sport lovers, there is probably a favourite sport that you really love and you know quite a lot about including all the rules, how to judge play and the tactics involved. You can be more involved in your favorite sport and still make money out of it. You can be a coach or a referee, or even better you can be both.


To be a coach will probably require you to start with junior teams but you can work your way up, getting to coach more senior teams as you get to understand the tactics of the game more. However, coaching is a great way to spend more time engaged in your favorite sport and also to help develop young talent. The amount of money that you can earn will depend on the team you coach and their financial muscle. Teams with better structures and management may have more money as compared to teams which are starting up.

Apart from coaching, you can be a referee, helping to referee when there are competitive matches to be played. Just as with coaching, you may have to start with refereeing junior games before you can be able to referee senior matches. The amount you earn will vary, but apart from league matches you can also referee tournaments as well as friendly matches to increase the amount of money that you earn.

Taking care of pets

Being a pet person means that you find pets cute and adorable and you have no problem taking care of them, you probably enjoy it. If this is your hobby then you can earn money by taking care of pets for other people, especially people who are busy and they do not have as much time as they would want to take care of their pets.

You can be a dog-walker or you can offer services such as pet cleaning and grooming for people who are too busy to do it themselves or they do not have a clue on how to do it. The amount of money that you will earn will depend on what you and your client agree on and the amount of free time that you have available to dedicate to this. However, taking care of highly value pets will earn you more money generally.



If you love music and it is your hobby, you can easily turn it into a money making venture. You might know how to play a musical instrument that many people fancy such as the guitar and you can offer music lessons, teaching and tutoring people on how to play musical instruments. This way you will be able to enjoy your hobby while teaching others the skill you have.

Apart from teaching people on how to play musical instruments, you can also sign for a fee if you have a great voice. You can provide live entertainment at events and parties as opposed to the hosts playing recorded music. This however will require you to know a lot of songs and what type of music suits which crowd. The amount of money that you can earn will depend on the profile of the event you will sing at. Apart from these, you can further provide background voice as a background singer for musical artists recording their own songs and they can pay you for it.


Blogging may be your hobby, and you probably have a daily, weekly or monthly personal blog where you post blogs on a regular basis. You probably have the ability to write interesting stuff about anything, and you can easily capture the reader’s attention.

You can make money out of blogging by mentioning companies, businesses and individuals in your blogs as a way of promoting their products and services, helping them to be more noticeable amongst your readers.


If your blogging site attracts high traffic, businesses can also have promotional links on your blogging site which will earn you money each time someone clicks on them. Turn your blogging hobby into a money making and fun activity.

To make money from your hobby, it requires you to think outside the box and think of how you can offer a service or product while still getting to enjoy your hobby. Apart from he mentioned hobbies, there are numerous other hobbies that can earn you money.

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