Find Your Dream Job

It is often said that when a person finds what they are passionate about, working becomes a very enjoyable thing to do. If the same elation a person feels when they are having a good dream corresponds to what they feel in an office setting that becomes the equivalence of having a dream job. How does a person get this feeling? It can be quite a daunting task to think about the ways of securing such a job, especially as a young person who hasn’t found out what career would be good for them. This shouldn’t be too worrying because as a young person, one has the opportunity to learn so much about themselves.


How does one know if a specific segment of the industry or career path will be suitable for them and settling into it will be a seamless transition? This article will give a step by step guide on helpful career picking tips.



It often helps to know what your strengths are. This requires an honest evaluation from a person who’s keen on finding out what an ideal job is for them. Finding or knowing your strengths isn’t enough, because this becomes useless if a person doesn’t have purpose in life. A purpose in this case would be knowing what you want out of life, examples include:

  • Becoming CEO of a company.
  • Earning a six figure salary.
  • Becoming the top individual in a specific field.

Thinking through your purpose or goal in life is vital and one should think critically through this before they embark on the career journey. What helps to simplify this process is linking strengths and goals for example a talented footballer could aim to play for a big team. That’s a good examples of purpose and strengths going hand in hand because the footballer’s strengths and purpose will drive him and help him turn this dream into a reality.




A mentor can also be a great tool when trying to look for career choices. A good mentor can help a person achieve great life goals and aspirations. The definition of a Mentor according to Merriam Webster is a “Trusted Guide”. Trust is the key word here and having someone you trust guide you can do a lot of good. The belief this person can instill in a mentee could be a catalyst for great change in the person seeking guidance life. Key roles that a Mentor offers are:

  • Confidence boosting.
  • Hands on learning experiences for mentee.
  • Offering inspiration and encouragement.
  • Imparting knowledge onto the mentee due to their experiences in the past.
  • Creating opportunities for the mentee in the form of introducing mentee to contacts.
  • Coaching the mentee and conveying valuable life skills onto them such as leadership, networking and etiquette.
  • Accountability in the form of setting goals and actually carrying them out.

It can be seen that having a mentor is a very vital step in finding a dream job because they offer so many insights into what an industry is like. Then from this point a mentee can determine whether they want to be affiliated with that industry or not, in the case of a mentor aligned to a specific industry. Some mentors maybe be in several industries at the same time and these ones should be capable of opening up even more doors for their mentees.





In the sense of finding a dream job, a passion is something that compels a person to do more or have a go at it. It’s pivotal for one to following their passions when it comes to careers because this will fuel a desire to come back to work the next day with energy and excitement. Most successful people advise to follow passion over money because it’s possible to have a high paying job and be miserable doing it.  I don’t think human beings were designed to be miserable people so pursuing passions is vital in having a dream job.

When you work with passion, going to work doesn’t feel like work and are more inclined to go above and beyond what is expected. The work is more relatable and idea synthesis comes more naturally while when this is done without passion, usually bare minimum is the target. This is not to say that getting a job you’re passionate about will mean everyday will be a high and there won’t be any dull/low days. There will be such days but the general passion one has will carry them through the low/boring days.

Passion also helps one overcome obstacles better. This is because when one is passionate about something it creates this euphoric feeling that is akin to been unstoppable. It’s good to feel like this when an obstacle presents itself because quitting and submitting will be the least likely outcome. Careers consume a majority of our lives so picking something that inspires us to do better every day will be a good long term activity to pursue. This leads feeling fulfilled whenever something is achieved.




It is often said patience is a virtue. This is true because trying to do things the right way takes time and this calls for patience. When trying to achieve a dream career, a lot of work goes into trying to set that up. This can often means we may have setbacks, or slower than expected progression but keep at it, all the effort will eventually pay off. Another to note is that everyone will move at their own pace, for some people career progression will be insanely quick while for others it may feel like it’s very slow. This is where one should be patient because everyone has their own race to run in life.



This means taking an active interest in opportunities, Universities and other educational institutions tend to have career fairs and alike. These should be attended so that horizons are broadened and more information on different industries and career paths is collected. A lot of questions should be asked at such events and been proactive means even unfamiliar people should be consulted so that something that is similar to a non-biased view is given. Also joining social media sites like LinkedIn and reading industry professionals profiles is a good way for getting a feel of what the industry is like.




This means leaving your comfort zone and trying to learn new things. Learning new things does a lot with confidence and competence. Also some people have discovered what their passions are from learning new skills and abilities. It also looks good on your CV when you have several other skills not necessarily related to the job because this is an indication on how dynamic an individual is. In the internet age, learning new skills is not that difficult because just about everything is available on google, YouTube etc. Books, videos, learning programs and plans are all available on the internet for a lot of potential new skills. Experimenting with new skills and hobbies can do a lot of good and help in determine what an individual likes and hence setting them on a path to pursue their dream career.


Past Experiences

This generally applies to people who have been in the industry before or have done internships and similar situations. Was the type of work environment compatible with the individual, did the type of career have a lot of teamwork involved or was it more individually oriented. Did the amount of rules fit in well or was it to limiting and did the company have a family feels to it or was it the opposite. Past experience can help people determine what works for them and what doesn’t because there is always a reference point.

For example if a work/life balance is key for you and the previous company didn’t offer it, then because of your past experience you will look for another company or job alternative. Was the previous company a good place to develop as an individual or not, questions along these lines reveal a lot about career choices.




Taking online personality tests and career tests can for some people help reveal a lot about career choices. These tests are free and are taken online. Personality tests can help better understand how a person’s personality works and what would make the tick. This also reveals how one can fit in with co-workers. The Myers-Briggs tests is a well known tests, it gives information on the 16 personality types.  Career tests help reveal direction based on current interests and skills. These tests are just indicators, if one is not happy with the results then go out there and pursue what you think will make you happy.



Dedication and work ethic to achieving the dream career are very vital qualities. Collection of information on passions, interest and strengths is a good start. All this information needs to be put into the execution phase to make what was a dream a new reality. A well-known metaphor is that of a building plan. Even the most beautiful blue print needs to be acted on for the plan to be physical.

Doing things to the best of your ability will also help indicate if the career is a right choice for you. This will help find out much quicker if your set of skills and ability are compatible for a job and if not, moving onto something more rewarding and fulfilling is the next step.



Chasing dreams may be a very frustrating and confusing thing to do at times. Everyone one wants to feel fulfilled in life and this puts a lot of pressure on people to succeed. No matter what the situation is, always stay positive, it’s bound to work out at some point in time. Positivity and hope is the fuel of world changers and dream makers.



All in all, deciding to follow your dreams in life can be very fulfilling and having a dream career can do wonders for a person’s general well-being. Despite all the daunting obstacles and challenges ahead, the chance and achieving your dream should keep you fighting at all times. Always reach for the stars and have fun doing it.

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